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20th April 2010, 9:30 – 15:30

Vienna University of Technology, Festsaal

Karlsplatz 13, 1040 Wien

Chair: Reinhard Haas (EEG, TU Wien, Austria)

9:30 Welcome, introduction, presentation of the (objectives of the) project ALTER-MOTIVE – Amela Ajanovic (EEG, TU Wien)

9:50 The Austrian view of International research on Sustainable Transport – Andreas Dorda (A3PS, BMVIT, Austria)

10:20 Economic assessment and potential of alternative fuels and alternative technologies – Felipe Toro (IREES, Germany)

10:50 Coffee break

11:20 Ecological assessment of biofuels, hydrogen and electricity in transport – Sandro Furlan (ENI, Italy)

11:55 Electric mobility and renewable electricity: Are they mutual beneficiaries? – Ingo Bunzeck (ECN, The Netherlands)

12:30 Lunch break

Chair: Amela Ajanovic (EEG, TU Wien, Austria)

13:30 Lessons learned from empirically implemented case studies: Identification of success parameters – Gerfried Cebrat/Claudia Anacker (FGM AMOR, Graz, Austria)

13:55 Which policies are proper / necessary for bringing about the desired changes in passenger transport? – Ingo Bunzeck (ECN, The Netherlands)

14:15 Copy & Paste Policies?! An analysis of the transferability of successful local and national policy measures related to alternative fuels – Ynke Feenstra (ECN, The Netherlands)

14:40 Summing up: Deriving an action plan for heading towards a more sustainable passenger car transport system in EU-countries – Reinhard Haas (EEG, TU Wien, Austria)

15:00 Final joint discussion

15:30 Final coffee and end of conference