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Title of the workshop: Alternative fuels and vehicles – different aspects on current and future policy instruments

Location: Uddevalla, Bohusgården Conference Center

Organisers: Chalmers University of Technology


11:00 Register

11:30 Lunch

12:30 Introduction - Maria Grahn, Chalmers

12:45 Preliminary resultats from Alter-Motive -Maria Grahn, Chalmers

13:15 Which policy instruments has lead to increased energy efficiency for passenger cars - Frances Sprei, Swedish Association of Green Motorists and Physical Resource Theory, Chalmers.

13:45 User-friendly web-based tool for stakeholders to find suggestions for policy instruments - Ingo Bunzeck, ECN, The Netherlands

14:15 Instructions for the discussion part of the workshop

14:30 Small group discussions

Brainstorm around all policy instruments that have been tested in Sweden/EU. Listing them and comment on their advantages and disadvantages.

15:30 Coffee

16:00 Questionnaire, WP5

Choose two successful policy instruments, and answer some detail questions on them. Also mention and comment what in your opinion is the least successful policy instrument.

16:15 Small group discussions

Brainstorm around suggestions for future policy instruments. List arguments.

17:15 – 18:15 Full group discussion

Summary of results and conclusion from today’s activities.

19:00 Dinner